Boris Gertz

Founder of the OsomeGroup

Osome Group was founded by Boris Gertz, a successful entrepreneur and an international investor. With experience and connections obtained almost 20 years of commercial activity, he established a private group possessing some assets in the Russian power production sector. In addition to the energy business, his intention is to build up companies, developing new ideas and use opportunities in other sectors with high potential to grow.

Originally from the Soviet Union, Mr.Gertz held a master’s degree in applied mathematics from the Moscow State Institute of Railway Engineering. After graduating he held various posts at the industrial enterprises of the USSR and Russia.

Prior to forming the Osome Group, Mr.Gertz has had an immense experience in high-yield investment and risk-management, various achievements in business.

Osome Group is domiciled in Limassol, Cyprus.

From Mr. Gertz

My First Steps

I started business almost 30 years ago with my friends from State Institute of Railway Engineering. In the late 1980-th – early 1990-th I worked at the first cooperative ComVek. Like the others at that time we were computers traders. Later I established my own business – Moscow сigar company. In just a couple of years it became the leader on cigar’s import market from USA.

In early 1990-th we  started the aluminum business. In 1993 we got stakes in Irkutsk and Ural aluminum smelters and it was a launch of SUAL Holding that became the second aluminum producer in Russia. Before it was merged with Oleg Deripaska’s Russian Aluminum and Glencore’s assets I had sold my stake in the SUAL Holding. It allowed me to invest in new projects.

About Business

Business shouldn’t be an end in itself. The right way is to do only what is really interesting. We live once and balance between business and privacy is crucial. So there is one more rule of a successful investor – to quite when appropriate time. The key to success is a credible partnership through years of joint victories and defeats.

About the Future

Renewable energy is one of the most advanced direction. This sector has to be invested in now. Sooner or later but a storage for renewable energy will be invented and there will be the future.